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One of the special main characteristics of GermanOncology’s consulting services is its extremely high and broad oncological expertise: on the one hand, secured by the professional team of GermanOncology around Dr. Lipp, the centrally integrated experts, as well as the efficient organisation; and on the other hand, by the Germany-wide network of GermanOncology.

Custom Solutions

The solutions of GermanOncology are both complexly designed and modularly applicable. In this way, we can put them together according to your individual requirements. Exactly as you wish.

Contractual Research

Healthcare research in Germany is becoming increasingly important: high-quality data from standard care form the basis of the requirements and for answering various questions defined by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) in its funding programme and the Joint Federal Committee (G-BA) for the evaluation of new drugs or treatment procedures.

Real World Data

Clinical and economic data from real patient care occupy an increasingly important area in the evaluation of therapies, since, unlike clinical studies, no patient selection takes place here and broad insights into therapies and the resulting costs can be gained.


GermanOncology has developed Data4GO, a modular and completely web-based documentation software for the collection and evaluation of medical study data.

Data4GO serves the collection and evaluation of medical study data. The advantages of a Web application are combined with the interaction possibilities of a desktop application. The result is a modular platform with which individually tailored documentation interfaces for studies can be quickly created.

Revenue Calculators

GermanOncology has developed web-based revenue and cost calculators based on reimbursement processes and fee systems for various tumour diseases.

We offer you licensing models for therapies in the treatment of non-small cell lung cancer, breast cancer, colorectal cancer or urological tumours as well as individually designed for other tumour types.