Our online applications

Data4GO – Your intelligent documentation software

GermanOncology has developed Data4GO, a modular and completely web-based documentation software for the collection and evaluation of medical study data.

The functionality of the Data4GO software

Data4GO serves the collection and evaluation of medical study data. The advantages of a Web application are combined with the interaction possibilities of a desktop application. The result is a modular platform with which individually tailored documentation interfaces for studies can be quickly created.

Participating physicians call up the studies in a user-friendly manner using a link and individualised access data via their web browser – without installing additional software. Unlike many other online systems whose predefined workflow does not allow any interruptions in the collection of data, Data4GO users are free to collect the data in a sequence they like and to supplement or modify it at any time until the end of the study. All changes are documented in history and can be tracked for quality assurance. Inadmissible information is displayed immediately. Data4GO behaves like a desktop application with immediate feedback.

The most important Data4GO features at a glance:

Collection and evaluation of oncological, medical study data

Fully anonymised patient records

Data can be entered anytime and anywhere, including retrospective documentation

Adding individual functions, quick additions or changes to data fields through modular design and central control

Graphical evaluation of important characteristics in real time - enables, among other things, better control of recruitment

Service from a single source: fast and effective assistance and problem-solving

No additional software installation necessary, as access is via a secure SSL connection (https)

More Data4GO functions:

Predefined selection lists to standardise data designations and shorten documentation times

Acquisition according to individual sequence and time

Checks the entered data against predefined value ranges

Completeness check for mandatory fields

Immediate display of incorrect or inadmissible data

Corrections of the documented values can be made at any time

Data records can be locked to prevent changes after the evaluation has been completed

If required, documentation can be carried out centrally by GermanOncology

 Revenue- and Cost Calculators

GermanOncology has developed web-based revenue and cost calculators based on reimbursement processes and fee systems for various tumour diseases.

Revenues and costs under various reimbursement conditions

We offer you license models for therapies in oncological, urological, haematological and psychiatric areas, among others, but we also offer new calculators, individually designed for your needs. Therapies under inpatient, day-care and outpatient conditions are modelled and represented graphically, taking regional conditions into account. You are free to choose the length of your access: The different license models are available for 12, 24 or 36 months.

Advantages of a web-based revenue calculator:

The licenses include the online and offline use of the calculators, without additional installations

Flexible use from any Internet-enabled computer, tablet and smartphone (including iOS)

Optional consideration of personnel and material costs/infrastructure

Input option for individualised parameters (e.g. daily rates, quarterly flat rates and unweighted additional charges)

Options for regional parameters (e.g. 17 “KV” districts, country base case values, oncology agreements)

Revenue displays on, e.g. cycle, quarterly and average patient basis

Display by positive/negative bar charts with consideration of costs for personnel and infrastructure for quick overviews

Our calculators provide information about:

Proceeds from medical services under various forms of outpatient care (including statutory health insurance physician, § 116b, authorised hospital doctors, a day clinic, university outpatient clinic).

Proceeds from drug supply for all current treatment regimens for one indication

Revenue from medical services and medication supply

Revenue from inpatient care with/without additional charges

Revenue from contractual medical services in 17 “KV” districts

Revenues from various chemotherapy applications (e.g. intravenous versus subcutaneous)

Comparison of revenues from different therapies under different care structures and specialist groups within one indication