About us

Who we are – to whom we reach out

GermanOncology was essentially founded in 2011 by the oncologists Prof. Stefan Schmitz, MD., Dr. H. Tilman Steinmetz and Dr. Rainer Lipp, MD., with Rainer Lipp, M.D. as its executive manager. Since 2011, more than 80 oncologists working as statutory health insurance physicians out of more than 35 practises throughout Germany have been involved in projects of the GermanOncology Network. The involvement of oncologists initially implemented under company law was dissolved in 2016, and GermanOncology GmbH was placed on the basis of a pure service delivery company. These services are mainly in the areas of data analysis, consulting, project management and IT developments and are covered by differently qualified employees from the fields of medicine, biostatistics, business administration and health sciences.

Our know-how – sustained by oncologists

Founded by independent oncologists, GermanOncology is focusing on supporting outpatient oncological care from a competitive perspective, and ensuring transparency in patient care, especially in oncological practices. The business concept of GermanOncology is primarily aimed for the pharmaceutical industry, to create effective process tools and to evaluate the effectiveness of processes. However, we also support statutory health insurance oncologists and hospitals with our strong expertise in the area of collaboration models, as well as outpatient and inpatient reimbursement processes, to establish optimal patient care together.

Take advantage of our expertise and experience. Benefit from our network and fast access to network partners. Design your product development with oncological know-how.


GermanOncology has concluded firm collaboration agreements with various companies and institutions to increase the available database, to make the collected real data accessible to a broader interest group and to improve the regional care of patients by medical oncologists.

These permanent cooperation partners include the globally operating data company IQVIA, the non-profit Foundation “Stiftung Deutsche Onkologie”and the pharmaceutical company Omnicare Pharma with its auxiliary pharmacist- and in future MSC (Medical Service Centre) network.

Stiftung Deutsche Onkologie

GermanOncology regularly partners with the non-profit Foundation “Stiftung Deutsche Onkologie”, which has set itself the goal of “improving local and decentralised oncological care” (www.stiftung-deutsche-onkologie.de). On behalf of the foundation, GermanOncology regularly produces reports on current care topics in outpatient´s medical care and conducts workshops with practising oncologists on the basis of real world data to jointly reflect and optimally align current diagnostic and treatment behaviour in the context of various tumour diseases. To this end, the Foundation has created a regular network of established oncologists and conducts its data surveys, within the framework of the network.


The supply data generated via the German Oncology network are made available in an anonymous manner that is compliant with § 305a SGB V and is available also more widely for national, as well as globally operating, pharmaceutical companies. To this end, GermanOncology has concluded a collaboration agreement with IQVIA (previously: QuintilesIMS), a global data mining company (www.iqvia.com), to market the data jointly. IQVIA can offer the data of GermanOncology alone or in combination with other services.


Together with Omnicare Pharma from Unterföhring (www.omnicare.de), a strategic partnership aims to secure outpatient and patient-oriented sustainable oncological care. Omnicare Pharma, with its nationwide network of pharmacies delivering cytostatic drugs and monoclonal antibodies or other targeted therapies, along with oncologists in private practice, represents a broad basis for outpatient oncological care. In doing so, it strives for particularly optimal processes between oncologists and pharmacists to further optimise the already high level of patient care to which the network pharmacists have committed themselves with uniform hygiene- and other process standards. Together with Omnicare Pharma, GermanOncology carries out projects in the real world of care, as well as regionally oriented discussion rounds with pharmacists and oncologists on various topics in oncology. In the future, cooperation with the MSC (Medical Service Centre) network of the Dr Römer Kliniken will be intensified by using the expertise of GermanOncology in collaboration- and billing structures.