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Consulting Services of GermanOncology GmbH

One of the special main characteristics of GermanOncology’s consulting services is its extremely high and broad oncological expertise: on the one hand, secured by the professional team of GermanOncology around Dr. Lipp, the centrally integrated experts, as well as the efficient organisation; and on the other hand, by the Germany-wide network of GermanOncology.

Benefit from a wide range of knowledge in the healthcare sector

Practical consulting by experienced oncologists, expert development of individual solutions and strategic foresight are the three pillars on which GermanOncology’s consulting services are based.
Together with you, our customers from the healthcare sector, we develop future-oriented strategies and individual solutions, which we implement methodically, step by step.
You as our customer benefit from our comprehensive knowledge of the healthcare system and the short path to practical implementation – especially in the field of oncology. In this way, GermanOncology guarantees you a high degree of specialisation in your industry and the topic you are focusing on.
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Among other things, our consulting services include:

Rembursement- and revenue processes for oncological treatments

Cross-sectoral supply and collaboration models

Implementation of general conditions for specialists

Optimisation of the processes of new analysis methods

Support for market launches of new products and processes

Analyses of markets within Germany and other European countries

Custom Solutions

The solutions of GermanOncology are both complexly designed and modularly applicable. In this way, we can put them together according to your individual requirements. Exactly as you wish.c

Accurately and permanently with us to success.

We have developed the various solutions of GermanOncology in such a way that they dynamically adapt to your needs and internal requirements. Our individual team-formation for you is similar. For example, our own and external employees are not just anyone, but exclusively qualified specialists who we deploy in a targeted manner. We are efficient and innovative, at the same time. Innovative, because you can count on solutions for the future, from us. To this end, we invest in state-of-the-art technology, research and the consistent further development of our concepts. Efficient, because you can already use our future-oriented solutions today and will also benefit from them in the long term. Whether it concerns the deepening of the technical knowledge of your employees, analyses or the optimisation of processes: We support you to master your special challenges and to lead them to lasting success.

We offer you the following solutions:

Ad-hoc analysis

Web-based revenue calculators

Development of selective contract concepts

Customized product developments

Training and workshops

Moderation and mediation

Ad-hoc analyses – for quick decisions.

We – GermanOncology – offer current ad-hoc analyses of individual tumour diseases in Germany on the one hand in contractual medical care by physicians, and on the other hand, on therapy costs.


Chronic lymphatic leukaemia

Colorectal carcinomas

Breast cancers

Multiple myelomas

Myeloproliferative neoplasias

Non-small cell bronchial carcinoma

Renal cell carcinomas

Non-Hodgkin lymphomas

Pancreatic carcinomas

Urothelial carcinomas

Further tumour entities on request

Supportive therapy (e.g. antiemesis)


Colorectal carcinomas

Breast cancers

Non-small cell bronchial carcinoma

Non-Hodgkin lymphomas

Pancreatic carcinomas

Further tumour entities on request

Development of selective contract concepts – innovative and future-oriented

In the future, selective contracts will be more closely integrated into medical care. Such selective contracts can cover complete areas of care, such as the treatment of prostate carcinoma, or even only important sub-areas such as molecular genetic analysis in non-small cell lung carcinoma. To develop such selective contract concepts in a meaningful way and also to be able to equip them with innovative remuneration systems on the basis of complex flat rates, among other things, an extensive collection and analysis of supply data are required. Thus, our concept developments are seamlessly integrated into the data collection via the Data4GO platform. The detailed cost analyses of medical services available in this way make it possible to develop economically interesting remuneration models for cost units as well.

That sets a precedent – we share our experience.

For GermanOncology we train you and your employees in our solutions in detail so that you can subsequently work independently. Also, we offer training and workshops on the following topics:


Reimbursement processes in various forms of care

Impact and implementation of new legislation

Collaboration opportunities between clinics and practises

Teaching of oncological basics

Discussion with contract physicians on therapy behaviour in various - tumour diseases

In addition to the classic training courses and workshops, we offer you our expertise as moderators and mediators, for example on the following topics:


Establishment of cross-sector collaboration between clinics and practices

Optimisation of processes in practices and outpatient clinics

Formation of regional networks for medical care and studies