Additional information about GermanOncology GmbH

About us

Founded by independent oncologists, GermanOncology is focusing on supporting outpatient oncological care from a competitive perspective, and ensuring transparency in patient care, especially in oncological practices.


GermanOncology has concluded firm collaboration agreements with various companies and institutions to increase the available database, to make the collected real data accessible to a broader interest group and to improve the regional care of patients by medical oncologists.


In recent years, GermanOncology has implemented projects and provided consultation services for various national and global pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and contract physicians’ practises. Projects include data analysis, project management, training and workshops.


The co-founder Rainer Lipp, M.D., who is board certified specialist in internal medicine, haematology and oncology and also the chief medical officer, is in charge of executive management.

Portrait of a doctor with two of her co-workers talking with a patient in the background


Unfortunately, there are currently no vacancies.